Saturday, August 15, 2015

First Week as Tech Integration Specialist

Had my first meeting as the Technology Integration Specialist at Southern Valley during our first teacher workday on Thursday.  We have a wide variety of teachers as well as a wide variety of comfort levels with using technology.

I asked the teachers to start using Twitter and challenged them to tweet at least once a week about something cool that students are doing in the classroom.  Some already use Twitter, while others are newbies.  I also asked them to "follow" me on Twitter @JamesReedsv, and that I would add them to the SV Nation List I created so that we could see what we are doing in our classrooms as well as in the other building.  We have some that are holding out and have not followed me, but I think it is their loss.  They could pick up some great ideas from seeing what other teachers are doing.  We shall see how this goes.  Fortunately, the administration is on board and supports this idea.

The other main thing I asked teachers to do was to sign in to our SV Technology Google Classroom.  I had sent invitations to everyone last year, but several did not sign up (is it a coincidence that it is mainly the same ones that didn't follow me on Twitter?....)  Anyway, I'm using the SV Tech GC to easily communicate with all teachers as well as give them links where they can find help with issues they may encounter.  I think GC is a wonderful tool to use, but again, some teachers are choosing to be left out of the loop.

Day 2 of my new job opened my eyes as far as teachers seeking help.  Most things can be covered through using technology, so I've asked teachers to send me an email or if it is an emergency, send me a text.  I had a couple of teachers pop in, so I showed them how to use Google Hangouts so that we could work through their issue by using technology.  I'm new to Hangouts, but love it!  I work in two different buildings, so it will save me a lot of time to just connect with a teacher online versus running (walking) back and forth.  I hope more teachers are open to this idea as we can model this for students as well.

I love to learn and challenge myself and have tried to instill the love of learning and to challenge my students over the years.  I think it is very helpful to model the behavior you want.  Try new things!  Will they always work?  No, but you can have fun while trying out what works for you.

I am challenging myself this year in my new position and by blogging.

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